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The Fisherman's Road Boat Launch Bathrooms are officially closed as of Saturday October 28,2023. Thanks to all for a great year on

Lake WINNEBAGO. Have a great year ice fishing. 

2023 Fisherman's Road Fishing Scholarships Awarded

MAY 3,2023 --- Presentation made at the Elkhart Lake – Glenbeulah High School Scholarship Awards Night. This years Scholarship was presented by Fisherman's Road Vice President, Jim Dassow to Madison Griepentrog. Madison has developed a career course with an excellent understanding of what she would like to accomplish. A Bachelor’s Degree Biology will help her towards leading and working with others in the Natural Resources Field. Her major will be a degree in Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies. She has been accepted at UW-Madison and will be attending this fall.

3 Ways to Obtain Your Boat Sticker

Attention Existing and New Members of FRFC

There are three ways to obtain your boat launch trailer decals.

  1. Available at Pike Express

  2. Attend a monthly meeting

  3. Send a self addressed stamped envelope along with your $20 membership fee to:

      Fishermans Road Fishing Club​

      Fond du lac, WI 54936

Please remember to send $20 if buying the 15 raffle tickets. Also include $20 for your membership fee.  A Total of $40

Winnebago Alliance Meeting

Lake Winnebago 2022 Trawling Results

It would appear the 2022 walleye spawn is the 3rd highest recorded since trawling started in 1985. An average spawn results of 5-7 Young of the Year (YOY} are captured each time the trawl net is pulled. This years average was 17.4. Trout perch, a 4” forage species was an all time high population. There were possibly 3 Gizzard Shad hatches. Yellow Perch YDY numbers are extremely high as well.

Walleye Sonic Tags in 2021

74 Walleyes had 3 year sonic transmitters surgically implanted. In addition, 25 sonic recievers were placed in Lake Winnebago. Walleye’s for Tommorrow is paying a $100 reward for notification by anglers catching a sonic tagged walleye. So far 24 have been caught. 8 were kept and the recievers returned to the DNR. There are 2 years of life left on these and they will be implanted in walleye on the upper Fox River to monitor their movement. The reward program will run for the 3 year life of the tags.


May 31,2023 --- Presentation made at the Howards Grove High School Scholarship Awards Night. This years Scholarship was presented by Fisherman's Road Vice President, Jim Dassow to Payton Specht. Payton is a kind-hearted person with a great work ethic. A great asset towards achieving his career goals in the Natural Resources Field. Along with his determination and passion towards helping others is making him a great team player. He credits his Dad and his uncle who has lead by example the experiences he has done working for the DNR. He has been accepted at UW Stevens Point pursuing a major in Wildlife Management and Ecology in becoming a Wildlife Biologist. He will begin school this fall at Stevens Point.

Letter from the Winnebago System Gamefish Biologist

The fisheries management team covering the Winnebago System will be conducting a fish passage study this spring. Fish will be netted and given a PIT tag, a small pill shaped object (photo 1), that will give the fish a unique ID number. The netting location and date, species, size, and sex of the fish is linked with the unique ID number. Fish can be scanned for a PIT tag with a handheld reader as well as in water arrays that will log fish detections over time in a stationary location. By strategically placing our PIT tag detecting arrays we can document fish movement over time, giving us insight on fish habitat use, seasonal movement trends, and potentially identify areas that may restrict fish passage.

Our spring project of 2023 will be focused on the Fond Du Lac River as well as Van Dyne Creek. There will be netting locations in Supple Marsh, the mouth of the Fond Du Lac River, below and above the Eldorado Marsh dam, and the mouth of Van Dyne Creek. Below is a map displaying netting locations and PIT array locations (figure 1 & 2). There are two types of arrays we install, submersible disc arrays (photo 2 & 3) and Litz cord arrays (photo 4). The arrays will be installed prior to netting efforts likely in mid-March and will be monitored weekly to bi-weekly until they are removed around the end of June. The submersible disc arrays are completely submerged in the stream and anchored to the sediment. The Litz cord arrays run the entire length of the stream and also have a out of water portion consisting of a green utility box and its associated cord.

This project will provide resource managers with information on how Winnebago System fish utilize these areas. It you have any questions on our 2023 project please give me a call at the number below.

Angelo Cozzola

Winnebago System Gamefish Biologist
Fisheries Management Bureau/Division of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

(920) 410-9170,

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